mercredi 13 février 2008 c'était si simple

Stay as sweet as you are,
Don't let a thing Ever change you.
Stay as sweet as you are,
Don't let a soul
Rearrange you.

Don't ever lose
All the charm you possess,
Your loveliness, darling,
The way you say "yes".

Stay as sweet as you are
Discreet as you are,
You're divine, dear.
Stay as grand as you are,
And as you are,
Tell me that you're mine, dear.

Young and gay or old and gray,
Near to me or afar,
Night and day I pray
That you'll always stay
As sweet as you are.
(Mack Gordon / Harry Revel, 1935)

Ah si c'été si simple... Mais le drame de nos vies... c'est que tout change

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Moghrama a dit…

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eddou3aji a dit…

Allah ibarek :)