vendredi 4 janvier 2008

ouuups voici la video

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Me and you now me .... a dit…

It was a beautiful time without any tinks no moeny no jobs no cars and no nigth that we can say : we live a long day of nothing but i wich you to havee a freind like i have without him this days will not be supported Thanks gods thanks man i wih you happy new year 2008.
me and you now how i am.

eddou3aji a dit…

Sure i know who you are :))
Just the way that you write english...Anyway me too you can see that it doesn`t improve:))
Though, like we use to say: WHO CARES...
I will travel again this week to the north but this time i will be alone :(
I wish you a happy new year my friend

Anonyme a dit…

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